Manage Difficulties

Feeling isolated/disconnected – Level 1

[vc_row el_class=”pages-manage-difficulties”][vc_column][vc_column_text]You’ve rated some level of distress related to feeling isolated or disconnected from others. In these situations, it is useful to remember to stick with your well-being routine.

Try the following suggestions…

It is useful to connect and engage in an activity with a friend when you feel isolated.

Book a date and time to:

    • go for a walk,
    • go fishing,
    • have a coffee or tea at home,
    • go out for coffee or tea,
    • have a meal at home,
    • go out for a meal,
    • go to a museum,
    • go camping,
    • go to a live band concert,
    • go to the park, have a BBQ,
    • go to the gym,
    • go to the beach,
    • go for a drive,
  • go for a bike ride,
  • play tennis,
  • go for a run,
  • take a day trip out of town,
  • go to the movies,
  • go shopping,
  • sit and talk,
  • work on a project together,
  • go to a party or social gathering

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