LIST-Mindfulness Well-being

External World and Breath

Sitting comfortably and symmetrically on your chair or cushion … closing your eyes if you feel comfortable doing so, and otherwise letting your focus fall softly on the floor a meter or so in front of you.

Becoming aware of your body and the places where it meets something solid: your feet on the floor, perhaps the backs of your legs against the chair …your thighs, buttocks, back, maybe shoulders resting where gravity lands them.

Notice where your hands touch – each other, or your body; notice the fabric of your clothes on your skin…maybe the air on your skin … your head resting on your shoulders, your arms hanging from your shoulders.

And let your senses move to the sounds around you: not needing to think about them, but just letting your attention move from sound to sound…perhaps you can detect some odours …letting yourself simply notice them….some taste in your mouth.

And leaving all of that now to focus on your breath…your simple natural breath …bringing all your attention to the breath as it moves in and out of your body …so the only movement you are aware of is the movement that is caused by your breath ….in and out …… notice it wherever it is easiest to detect it ….in and out of your nostrils … air in, warm air out ….or at your chest…rising and falling ….or your abdomen.

As thoughts arise, as they inevitably will… simply noticing them and letting them move on …. No need to chase after them….and bring your attention back again to your breath ….. normal, natural breath ….as it moves in and out of your body..

Nowhere else to be, nothing else to do …..simply noticing with gentleness and non-judgment: your breath….

(Quiet space for silent practice)

And now, expanding your awareness outside of your body…to the sounds around you….to whatever feelings you have in your body ….noticing any changes…any tensions, tightness, looseness, floatinesss…… and sensing the world around you as you feel your body again in the chair or on the cushion .…and opening your eyes when you are ready and returning to this space.