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Maps of Life’s Territories

We all benefit from maps of life’s territories

Many of the people we live and work with have faced challenges and difficulties in their lives. Too often, these difficulties have been a result of abuse, hurt and betrayal by those in positions of responsibility (including: childhood sexual abuse and assault, family violence, removal from home, country and culture). This can leave us and our family, friends and colleagues struggling, feeling lost and uncertain which way to go.

Maps help ground and orient us.

Maps help us to identify and be aware of places, people and habits that are good for us, where we can draw sustenance and energy, as well as those that produce stress and distress.

Maps can help us find our way through difficult terrain.

Maps help us to connect, share and draw upon the experience and knowledge of community and those who have come before.

Every person and community can benefit from developing maps of life’s territories. We invite you to make use of the ‘No Straight Lines’ painting to help identify and name different patterns and influences in your life. Consider:

  • Where and from whom do you draw strength and sustenance from?
  • Where is a place of safety and sanctuary for you?
  • Where can you rest and replenish resources?
  • How do you know when a person, place or pathway is not good for you?
  • What are signs of discomfort and distress?
  • What resources can help you to overcome difficulties?
  • Who will assist and encourage you on this journey or part of a journey?
  • Who or what activities bring good energy into your life?
  • Who around you or in your community knows this terrain and can provide guidance?