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Putting aside some time just to breathe can sound like a ridiculous suggestion, as we all breathe every day otherwise we wouldn’t be alive. However, when people have been sexually abused or been subjected to prolonged trauma they can get in the habit of taking only shallow breaths. Always remaining alert, rarely getting air deep down into their lungs, where it can provide oxygen to the brain and body.

Sometimes, when people have been sexually abused or sexually assaulted listening to people talking them through relaxation or mindfulness exercises can be difficult.

Just listening to someone speaking slowly and gently can set off a whole load of unhelpful talk in your head, especially if those who perpetrated abuse manipulated the situation through speaking kindly or by pretending to be a supportive adult or friend.

Taking time to settle and physically calm yourself is valuable when you are feeling stressed, anxious, agitated or angry. Taking Time2Breathe for just a couple of minutes will have a calming effect that helps create room for the front of your brain to work. When the front of your brain is engaged you will be in a better place to consider options and make choices that are helpful in both the short and long term.

The Time2Breathe function is designed so that you can adjust the number of breaths or beats per minute and the length of time you wish to do the exercise. This is not something you have to spend lots of time on, just a couple of minutes of breathing in and out in time with the beats can help calm your body and mind.

If you can, incorporate taking Time2Breathe into your daily routine, be it when you get up in the morning, during a break from work, on the way home or at the end of the day, that’s great. Book in a regular Time2Breathe.

You can also make use of this function whenever you feel stressed or agitated,, when you notice yourself becoming anxious or find yourself struggling with unwelcome or unhelpful thoughts.

It’s good for us all to settle ourselves and take someTime2Breathe.